Julian Cash

I love my job. Having fun with my canine and feline friends is a true joy. Let's take photographs of you with your wonderful bundle of fur. It will be a joy!

Photo by Randal


Jett Attwood

“I have never had as much fun with a photographer as I have had with Julian. It's more like playing with a big kid who happens to have a very professional set up and an amazing eye for what would make a great shot.

When my significant other and I needed to quickly get some good photographs of us and our cat to a prospective landlord we turned to Julian.  What could have been a stressful evening turned out to be a night of Really Big Fun. Julian lets you be you, makes you laugh, delivers an amazing photography experience to the point that the incredible moments he captures on film seem a cherry on top.

All my friends and family who have seen photos from the session compliment me saying I have never looked better, they can't believe how excellently my cat was captured (cats are not known for their patience and obedience) and gush over the photos.

We wound up getting the apartment.  I hands down give credit to Julian's photography.”

Kristin Orbin

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing pictures of my dog Zoey! You are so talented. The pictures are just stunning! :)”


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